About APG

The Asset Performance Group (APG) is a consultancy that is focused on delivering bottom line value driven by “The Business of Reliability.”

APG is committed to working with clients as a strategic partner and is made up of experienced, technical professionals and subject matter experts supported by robust and structured analysis and integration methodologies. APG’s people are dedicated to helping companies in asset-intensive industries use proven methods to analyze, quantify and deliver sustainable equipment performance and financial results.

Company leaders trust APG to solve their most challenging and difficult maintenance and reliability issues. APG works alongside them to develop insights and implement clear action plans. This enables APG’s clients to make data-driven, strategic decisions on the care and management of their physical assets yielding improvements in safety, environmental stewardship, throughput and cost savings. 



Is Your Organization Ready for the Seasonal Change?

APG’s Seasonal Readiness approach helps your organization to proactively deal with seasonal changes throughout the year in environments that are susceptible to quick changes. It is more than just a Winterization program!

If preventing unscheduled downtime, misallocation or unavailability of parts, as well as, decreasing safety and environmental incidents sounds right to you, then contact us for a customized Seasonal Readiness Program.

We will provide your organization with a structured and sustainable Seasonal Readiness Program that ensures consistency and reliability at the lowest possible cost.

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